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What is One Legacy?

One Legacy is a virtual and local community created by, and for, individuals who would like to read and share stories about the special people in their lives, past or present. ‘One’ emphasizes the importance of making the most of the one life we have, and ‘Legacy’ refers to the impact and influence the lives we lead and the stories we share have on those around us.

What types of stories are on the site?

Our stories cover a wide range of topics including everything from overcoming challenges to military stories to battling illness to our special pets. The uniting factor is that they are real, personal stories written by everyday people to recognize, honor, inspire or celebrate life experiences – our legacy…one for each of us.

Do you want to submit a story, but you don’t see a category that fits what you want to share? Send it anyway! If our editors don’t find a good forum for it, we’ll create one!

How can I help spread the word?

We are sincerely thankful when you share the site with friends!  You can:

–       Share a link to OneLegacy.com
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If you have suggestions or comments, please email us any time at support@onelegacy.com. We welcome your input!