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Submitted by Gregory Scirrotto

I was working for the Sisters of Mercy, in an assisted living facility for seniors, when I received a phone call from my son Dion’s girlfriend telling me that Dion was in the hospital in a coma. I left the kitchen, found the Mother Superior, and explained my son’s situation. The Mother took my hand and led me to the chapel where the other sisters joined us in prayer for my son.

The Mother then handed me rosary beads that were blessed by the Pope and told me to take the rosary beads to the hospital.  She told me, “Go to your son’s side and pray.”  As I was getting ready to drive to the hospital, one of the sisters approached me and told me that they would pass on the prayer for my son to all of the Sisters of Mercy.

IMG_20130606_110515I drove fifty miles to visit my son, and when I arrived, I was greeted by a doctor who explained my son’s condition. He told me that all looked hopeless. I took my son’s hand then and wrapped the rosary beads around his wrist and began to pray. Every two hours, a nurse pricked my son’s feet and there was no reaction whatsoever.  Then, after ten or twelve hours, all of a sudden the hand with the rosary beads began to move. I jumped up, ran down the hall, and told the doctors what was happening.

Even the doctors and the nurses could not believe what they witnessed that day!

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