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How are you capturing your loved one’s special memories?

One Legacy founder Mike Stith with his uncle, Earl Stith, One Legacy board member

New Stories

Are You Capturing Stories?

In this story, Mike Stith, founder of One Legacy, LLC, shares with you why you should collect those special memories and revisits how One Legacy came about.

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Now’s The Time.

In this story, Mike Stith, founder of One Legacy, LLC, shares with you encouragement to start recording those special stories about your life and family.  He also lists some different settings for collecting those stories.

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Our Current Project

At Your Service, the authorized biography of Gene Verdu 

This book is the story about a remarkable man who spent his life serving others. The book is authored by One Legacy LLC founder Mike Stith.

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Gene and I first met while attending a senior picnic in Shiloh, IL in the summer of 2019. Gene became interested in sharing his story with me. Shortly after this meeting, he asked me to help him write a book about his life. A deep and meaningful friendship was born.

I spent the next 2 ½ years gathering information with Gene for the book. He introduced me to many people from his past and I traveled with him to Belize; where Gene co-founded a program called the “Belize Children’s Project” (BCP for short). In collaboration with Shriners and Rotary Clubs, along with several amazing host families. The project works to bring children in Belize who need orthopedic surgery to the Shriner’s hospital in St. Louis, MO. The program has aided over 400 kids through the years. Many of the children Gene helped lovingly refer to him as “Uncle Gene”.

Gene not only co-founded the Belize Children’s Project, but he also worked closely with seniors. He was instrumental in the founding of PSOP (Programs and Services for Older Persons), in Belleville, IL.

In 2020, working with me, and with the generous financial support of friends and family, he founded “The Uncle Gene Foundation”, a public charity aiding underprivileged children and senior adults.

Gene Verdu truly lived to serve others. Sadly, he passed away in March of 2022 before his book was finished. I have carried on the work to bring forward the story of this wonderful person.
The book is set for release early in 2023. Proceeds will be donated to the Uncle Gene Foundation.

–Mike Stith

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How To Capture Those Special Memories

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Story Sharing

The heart of One Legacy is story sharing.  It is where One Legacy got it’s start and it will continue to be our main mission to provide individuals with a safe place to share special memories.

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