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Submitted by Rosemarie Kaupp

Amber editedAmber was the one constant in my life. Within twenty-one months, I had surgery and chemo for cancer, lost my 23 year old son, and then lost my husband after a long illness. Amber was always there for me.

She was a pit-bull-corgi mix whom I got from a family anxious to get rid of her and her littermates. Amber was only a few weeks old, but from the day I brought her home, she spent every day sitting in my ill husband’s lap while he was in his chaise chair.

She was just as worried about me when I had surgery. She inspected me, tried to lick my incision, and stood right by me when the visiting nurses came. Amber always seemed attuned to my needs.

After my son and husband died, Amber seemed to grieve as well. She didn’t display her happy little yawn. She started sleeping on the opposite corner of the bed so that she could see the stairs, almost as if she were waiting for my son, Chris, to return.

Amber’s legacy was her love and caring, especially through my darkest moments. I don’t believe I could have survived without her love and companionship. I miss her to this day and have chronicled her memory in a series of children’s books. Amber was my best friend and comforter; she provided inspiration for me to go on with my life.

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