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Submitted by Sarah H.

We have two rats and a catfish (and if you’re ever bored, my kids would love to tell you all about them), but we don’t have a dog.  So why did we spend last Sunday evening mixing up a batch of dog treats? Let me explain. Chloe is the sweet white lab that walks past our house every day. She is always ready to give a kiss and is extremely tolerant of hugs from my six-year-old and the many commands of my eight-year-old. We also used to know Chloe’s friend and housemate, a chocolate lab named Chester, but he passed away unexpectedly.

lucky 2Lucky is a short but stout little Morkie who has sadly outlived two of his owners – my grandfather and my father. He loves blueberries and cucumbers. He whines and talks to us until we give him a particular number of the kind of dog bone that he likes. Though he loves when the grandkids come and visit, he barks like crazy when people hug each other. If you’re a dog lover, you know dogs can be jealous!

Next door, we have Pepper, Charlie, and Daisy. Behind our home, you’ll find Twinkie and Oreo. Altogether, I think I know the names of more dogs than people in my neighborhood. In our age of virtual communication, we can get very disconnected from the people who live around us. However, dogs play an interesting role as social lubricant. While out on a walk, I have met people walking their dogs whom I might never have met otherwise. And when the sadness gets too heavy at my mom’s house, we can always talk about Lucky’s latest haircut or his passion for eating carrots.

So bake a batch of dog treats, you might just meet some new friends or pass the time more gently with old ones. It’s amazing the legacy a pet can create without ever saying a word!

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