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Submitted by Karen S. Hoffman

Do you know someone whom you would love to reconnect with? Do you keep putting it off because you’re too busy?

Well, years ago, while raising my three kids, I found The Best Babysitter Ever! Her name was Pam Iffrig, and she was our young neighbor. She was the happiest, funniest, kindest, and most loving babysitter you could ever imagine. She was a teenager with the maturity of an adult and the joy of an angel.  And, she was always smiling!

 [media-credit name=”Joey, Jaime and Mitzi” align=”alignleft” width=”316″]Joey, Jaime and Mitzi[/media-credit]She was the kind of babysitter people didn’t feel guilty leaving their kids with. In fact, they felt like they were doing everyone a favor by leaving her in charge!  Pam was a “Lethal Combo.”  Our kids loved her. I loved her. Hubby loved her. Even our dogs loved her.

I felt good just being around her, and when she was babysitting, my home always looked better when I came home than when I left. Yeah. It seemed too good to be true, but for several years, our family benefited from our contact with this lovely soul.  I even enjoyed paying her more than the going rate; I confess that the extra money was a bit of a bribe!  I didn’t want her to ever leave us.

Well, recently I reached out to her so that we could get together again. I hadn’t seen Pam since 2000 when she came to an open house at our home.  We exchange holiday cards each year, and I attended her father’s funeral; however, I hadn’t really seen her in too long.  We had lunch yesterday on December 8, 2014. What a treat!

Pam is still an amazing, wonderful person. She still smiles a lot.  She is still as funny and kind as she was as a teenager.  Now she is the mother of a 13-year-old and a 16-year-old.  Where does the time go?

I had so much fun reconnecting with Pam yesterday. I love you, Pam! Thank you for being the world’s best ever babysitter and for helping a stressed mom care for her much adored kids.

Is there anyone you want to reach out and share your love with? Do you ever say, “When I have time, I want to catch up with (fill in the name)?”

Don’t wait. What if each month you reached out to one person on your “I love them, but I never see them” list?

I promise you, doing this feels awesome. Seeing Pam was an early Christmas gift. I’m glad I quit waiting until I “found” the time and decided to “make” the time.

* Shown in the photo at the top of this story are Pam; Jaime, one of Karen’s three children; and Karen.

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