Bringing Generations Together Through Storytelling

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Creating a personal history for someone is an extraordinary gift for all generations. The experience of preserving the life story of a loved one is a priceless legacy for families. It documents memories and helps others better understand the joys and challenges that shaped their lives.

Storytelling is a natural inter-generational activity. Before people could write, they told all kinds of stories to people of all ages. Mealtimes were often a chance to share cross-generational storytelling about the past and present. Families shared lessons they learned.

Legacy Sharing

Legacy Sharing gives storytellers an opportunity to share their wisdom and perspective with the generations. It connects names and knowledge of the past to old family photos. It is also a vehicle for recording events that have made a lasting impact.

It is an opportunity to celebrate a life.

“People need to tell their stories and pass down their legacy – it’s as important a stage of life as learning how to walk or crawl.”

– Kitty Axelson-Berry, Founder, Association of Personal Historians

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