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A legacy covers a wide range of life experiences. So far, One has featured stories that focus on inspirations from our past (Looking Back), our present (Caring Today), and the future (Moving Forward). This week I’m excited to announce the launch of the first of 3 new forums. We take a direction toward the lighter side of legacy, yet in many cases, equally as important. The first of our new forums is called “My Pet’s Legacy”. How many of us grew up with a pet around the house that made such an impression, they became an icon in our family’s history? I know around the Stith household, we had dogs that achieved a higher family status than the kids! It is difficult to look back at the family tree without seeing pictures of that dog, cat, or other critter that provided the family so much joy and companionship. We hope you enjoy this segment and share your favorite pet stories and photos. This will be great fun, and quite inspirational!

To give you an idea of what’s coming in the near future, next week we launch “A Taste of Legacy”, stories about recipes that have been passed down through family generations. We would like to hear the real story behind the recipe! Whose recipe was it? What did it mean to the family? What did it mean to you? We’ve gathered some great ones already, and can’t what to see yours! We begin posting legacy recipes next week, but feel free to send yours in early.

During the week of March 24, we launch a very special forum called “Travel Inspirations”. We invite you to look back through old travel photos or videos that may or may not have been seen in years, and notice one or two that were great inspiration to you. We’d love to see them, even the old ones. You’ll be surprised how much your stories and photos can inspire others. I’ll share more details of this new forum in coming days. But go ahead and get ready, and start sending them. This will be great fun, and may also bring a tear or two of joy!

Once again, thank you for joining us at, and I invite you to continue sharing your personal stories about legacy and inspiration. As I promised you when we launched, our community will evolve in the direction our members would like to go. So, please keep sending your suggestions, and we’ll do everything we can to make it happen. Remember, we grow by sharing our stories…….have a great week!


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