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Submitted by Tammy Tibbs

red horse illustrationI was given a horse people were afraid of and nobody wanted. He had been abused and neglected; he hated people and trusted no one. Using natural horsemanship, I spent eight months ground working him. He snapped, kicked, shoved, and head butted me. I ate a lot of paddock dirt. He just wouldn’t let me into his world.

One day he shoved me down, and it hurt really badly. I turned to walk away, tears streaming, and I said, “God, I give up. I just can’t get through to him.” Just then, I felt something touch me: it was the horse nuzzling me as if to say, “I’m sorry, don’t give up.”

Right then I bonded with the big, red horse that I’d named Turkey Creek after a “Tombstone” character. Creek became the best mannered horse at the stable. He loved the autistic children who visited, and he played Big Red for the Black Stallion literacy program.

I lost Creek in a freak accident three years later. I still miss my friend so much. During his time with me, he taught me a lot about life, self confidence, and understanding; he gave me the strength to adopt four other abused horses. God blessed me with him to give me strength to help others.

I came upon a wild, raging “Creek,” and I forged it. I am strong now. Thanks, Buddy.

horse outline 2Further Links:

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