Dear Mr. and Mrs. Auton

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Story written by Earl Stith

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Auton,
I’m just old-fashioned enough to believe that parents should be consulted when a guy is in love with their daughter. I’m sorry for the trouble I’ve caused you recently but I’m so happy that Mona cares enough about me that she might want to come back. I thought maybe you would like to know a little about me before you decide to shoot me when I get there.
I’m just an ordinary guy who decided a long time ago that I didn’t want to get married. I never gave much thought to girls while I was in high school and all I ever did was play baseball & just lived for sports. I’m just a homebody who doesn’t drink. I was really a confirmed bachelor.

Then, last summer I met your daughter, Mona! To me, she was just another girl who cut through the yard to get to the next street. Of course, she was cuter than the rest, but I decided that I wouldn’t take her out because she was too young. After a few months that didn’t seem to matter anymore! Oh, I fought it all the way, but she was so darned nice to be with and made me feel like somebody, for a change! Then she came up with that story of you moving to California. I thought it was a gag! Honestly, I thought she was just saying that to see how I felt about her. Then about 2 weeks before you left she started crying whenever she talked about leaving. She even asked me what she should do! So naturally being a confirmed bachelor I told her to go with you. I figured that once she got out there she would like it and I could go back to living my simple quiet life.
This has been the biggest mistake of my life!
Then came the morning when I took Mona and Nita to the train. We took a little ride through the slums of Cincy and I joked about how pretty it was here. You know, to this day Mona really believes that I didn’t want to take her to the train. She never could tell where I was kidding or not. Well, when we got close to the station, she cried a few tears and I dried her eyes. But she was a mighty brave girl when she boarded the train. She didn’t shed one tear. I went home and spent the longest day of my life. You can imagine how I thought, she was constantly on my mind. I know I’m supposed to be a big boy now, but I still worry about her and if she will be happy out there. Her happiness is all that matters to me
I know I’m being selfish about this, but you were in love, so I honestly believe that you know how I feel. If it will make you feel better, I’d like to tell you that I don’t believe in quick marriages because they involve too much emotion and not enough good sound thought. Mona and I always could talk easily with each other. Why, before we ever went out together, she told me that she would never marry before she was 18. I know I kept her out too late once in a while, but if you will remember, we always parked in front of your house because we were never ashamed of what we did. Never once did we sneak out to some secluded spot like most other young couples do. If I had a daughter like Mona, I would be proud of her.

When she left here she promised you that she would stay out there and give it a fair test. I did everything I could to make her homesick enough to come back to me! But she was big enough to keep her word to you. I respect her for it and have apologized to her for trying to make her break her word to you. She is the most wonderful girl I have ever met. I have written to Mona and told her that I would be out there in April. I don’t blame you for thinking that I’m rushing things but that’s just not true! Two weeks ago, I transferred to another department when they take their vacation in August. Since it is a very big department and I would be last on the vacation list. There’s no telling when I would get a vacation. Well the boss told me that I could take it either in April or the last of August.

I love Mona so much that I just couldn’t wait until August! You understand, don’t you?

Could I ask you folks for some advice? What would be the best way to get there? I was going to drive out but after considerable thought I figured that even if you did decide to let Mona come back with me you couldn’t let her drive back with me cross country without being married. No good parent would allow that! If there is anything you would let Mona come back, I wish you would let me know.
Thank you for letting me bend your ear. Before I close, I would like to wish you the best of luck with your new life. My mom sends her love.


P.S. Give Mona my love!

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