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Submitted by: Missi Schulte

Glory was the second Samoyed I had.  I rescued her when she was 6 years old, one month after my first Samoyed passed away.  I was heartbroken and needed another friend in my life.  She was American Kennel Club (AKC) registered and used for breeding and dog shows.  The breeder was finished with her because she was too old to have puppies.  She needed the space and gave Glory to the Samoyed Rescue Foundation; my parents and I drove to Niles, Michigan to pick her up.

Two days after picking her up, I took her to the vet and discovered she had pyometra, an infection in her uterus.  My wonderful vet spayed her that day on her lunch.  If Glory had not had the surgery, she might have lived a week or two at the most.  When I got Glory, she was so used to being in a crate that I would have to put the leash on her in the crate to get her to come out.  She would drag my Boyd bears to her crate as if they were her puppies.  I began to socialize her and take her places like the pet store, the grooming salon, and even dog school.  Eventually she got used to being pampered and would lie around the house. She was the ring bearer in my wedding and was absolutely perfect. I think she felt the day was all about her.

In September of 2011, my groomer found a lump on her mammary gland. I had it removed and biopsied immediately.  I found out that at age 13 my best friend had aggressive cancer.  I was so distraught and felt as if my heart had been stabbed.  I didn’t want her to suffer, but I wanted her with me longer.  I decided to go ahead with chemotherapy treatment from a local pet oncologist.  She was upfront and told me there were no guarantees.  Glory was able to complete three rounds of chemotherapy.  With the type of cancer she had, that was all they would do.  Her blood work always looked good before her next round, and she would go in the vet hospital with her tail wagging.

Glory made it to her 14th birthday on August 27th, 2012, eleven months after being diagnosed with aggressive cancer.  I had to say “goodbye” to her two days later.  I made the decision to have Glory euthanized with her help; she gave me every sign it was time to let her go and to be at peace with the decision.  Glory was a fighter and a loyal companion whom I still miss and will remember always.  She is in a better place right now, running around and being pampered.  Someday I will see her smiling face running to greet me.

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