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Just a few of the many groups who have shared stories. We’ve had some great fun sharing

The creation and introduction of our Legacy Sharing program stands out as one of the most personally fulfilling achievements in my life. Multiple executives have recommended that this program be extended to every senior community nationwide. It seamlessly aligns with a diverse range of organization types, spanning all levels of senior living, veterans organizations, children’s groups, and service organizations. This program offers an unparalleled opportunity to enrich your group culture while constructing a repository of stories to share with the wider community.

A wealth of these stories is readily accessible on our website. At One Legacy, we are eager to share our experience, including best practices, valuable tips, and insights into potential challenges, to assist you in implementing Legacy Sharing within your organization. Contact us to arrange an introductory session where we offer valuable insights for getting started with your Legacy Sharing journey. We’re happy to be your coach along the way!   

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