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Submitted by Terry Smith

women and horseIn the summer of 1999, I bought a horse named Sunny. She was an American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) mare whom I purchased and owned for fifteen years. She was my best friend, and we had a great time riding and traveling everywhere. We seemed to understand each other’s feelings and thoughts. I always knew she was very special; we had a bond that could not be broken.

In 2004, I was the victim of a brutal attack in my home and thought I was going to die. After going through all the legal steps, doctor’s appointments, and months of therapy, I still found myself lost and beyond hope. On one of my lowest days, I went out to see Sunny; she was munching grass on a hill about one-hundred feet from me. She didn’t see me right away, so I sat down in the pasture and started to think about my life, what had happened, and how I could make the nightmares and pain go away. I started to cry, and for some reason, I couldn’t stop.

When I finally stopped crying and looked up, Sunny was standing over me, nuzzling my shoulder. We stood there for a few minutes, and I patted and talked to her; then I started to leave. I wanted to ride, but I just didn’t feel like it right then. Sunny trotted past me and stopped with her butt to the gate. I didn’t know it then, but she probably saved my life. I had been sitting in the pasture for four hours crying, and I was in no condition to be driving. Sunny blocked that gate for close to thirty minutes until I composed myself.

I managed to talk to her about what had happened to me and how I felt. I know she didn’t understand the words, but I feel she completely understood my voice and emotions and knew that I needed to talk to someone and not just drive away in the condition I was in. People say animals don’t have feelings, but I totally disagree. I wouldn’t be here today if Sunny had not been in my life. Thank you for sharing my life, Sunny.

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