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When you begin the journey of storytelling, think about making a list that will help you with the process. First, determine the subject of the story. Second, identify the audience and their interests. What would they like to know about? Brainstorm titles, keywords and phrases as the story unfolds.

Stories can be about a character in your family or a fond memory of a special event. Did you go on a journey that left a lasting impression? What discoveries have you made in your family tree? Who has played an important role in shaping your life and why? Is there a photograph that triggers a favorite memory?

Begin by writing an introduction that helps your audience understand what is important about your story. You can also develop content by working with steps or lists. In the conclusion, wrap up with a brief statement that leaves a lasting impression. This is also a good place to add links to additional resources.

At this point, you will have a better idea of what headline fits your story. Be sure it has clear and catchy keywords that are based on what you have written. Appealing, high-quality photographs will help convey the meaning and invite the readers to discover more.

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