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Story written by Mike Stith

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One Legacy collects stories. It’s what we do. Our current Legacy Sharing program at The Highland Home has been a real testimonial for the value and impact of guided story sharing at retirement communities. The Highland Home was already an outstanding community for independent residents, but this exercise has added even more to the personal and meaningful living experience. How do we do it? By hosting a group of residents and inviting people to share stories about their own personal history. To add to the fun of the session, we use our StoryStarter cards, developed a couple years ago as a memory game for families and retirement communities. Many of the stories we share in  The Family Historian Journal are the result of questions asked during the StoryStarter exercise.

To get a feel for this group experience we invite you to check out this lovely video promo prepared by Angela Ridenour, owner of NewMintMedia. Angela is a partner with One Legacy and we’re very excited to include her at many of the Legacy Sharing sessions and events hosted around town. Click here to enjoy the demo!

The thought of developing StoryStarter cards came about during one of the first Legacy Sharing sessions we hosted. We were at Sunrise Senior Living in Des Peres, MO. At the time all of our icebreaker questions were typed up on individual folded pieces of paper. This particular group consisted of several memory care residents. Many had difficulty unfolding the slips of paper, and almost immediately came the need to have a better way to do the exercise. The cards have been a hit ever since as a staple for any group session we host. Nothing like sitting around a table with a deck of cards! It became more than just an icebreaker activity.  Families began purchasing cards for special occasions and gift ideas. Hospice volunteers found out about the idea and began using the cards to help stimulate conversation with clients and families. We appreciate everyone who have enjoyed the cards and shared stories. Of course, we’d love to sell many more decks to help promote our program. If you’d like to order a deck or two for your family or group, please click here.  Are you interested in learning more about our Legacy Sharing program? Contact Mike Stith at [email protected] or call 618-960-7252. Thank you so much for your support!


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