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As a passionate photographer, I’ve been capturing moments and events for my family for decades. Either at their request or at my discretion, I have provided prints that could be shared and ultimately tossed into a box or tucked inside an album. When the Internet and social media became available to the masses, photo sharing became a global event to be LIKED, RE-TWEETED, and COMMENTED ON for a few brief moments in cyberspace

About four years ago, I started publishing photo books for the family. They are a compilation of the sweet moments and celebrations that evolve over a year. People cherish these books and especially enjoy paging through them with family and friends.

I love the idea of having a Memory Party that includes sharing these photo books and the stories behind the pictures. These parties are a wonderful way to connect the generations and to keep the tradition of storytelling as our unique One Legacy.

– Submitted by Caren Libby

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