A Legacy Sharing Journey – Part 2

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On April 6, Lorraine Langdon-Hull began a Legacy Sharing Journey with the residents at Autumn View Gardens. The journey continues:

Week two started off more comfortably as I knew my way around. I entered the building and immediately saw Mike! We made our way down to the activity center and busied ourselves getting set up and greeting the three women that were already there waiting for us. I brought name tags for this session and helped the participants put one on. This helped me with everyone’s names.

We started out at our usual long table as it seemed there would only be four participants. But people starting filtering in,  and we ended up with ten residents participating. Next week, I am going to set us up in a circle so that everyone can see and hear each other better. Hearing the people at the opposite ends of the table has been a challenge for many of the residents who have hearing issues.

Two of the women came prepared with written stories to share with the group. We were very excited by that! One of the women did not write a story but let us know she had stories to tell, and they were in her heart. After getting all settled in, Mike began the session. We started by hearing the two written stories, one of which was about when Mary first met her husband. The other story was about a time in the resident’s life when she lived in Okinawa with her family (her family was stationed there).

Both stories elicited a number of comments and recollections from the other participants about their lives. Both women agreed to have their stories written up and posted. We are hoping they will bring pictures next week that can be attached. The rest of the session we took turns going around the table and asking the participants to share a story about their family life. We got quite a variety including a story about growing up on a farm as the youngest of twelve, a memory of where the resident was when she heard about Pearl Harbor, and someone who shared their son had been killed in Vietnam.

We ended the session by inviting residents to either write about or think of a story to share about a time in their life when they had a struggle that was difficult to overcome. This will be the focus of the next session.

Submitted by Lorraine Langdon-Hull – One Legacy Curriculum Designer and Coordinator


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