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Submitted by: Pam King

Wedding topperI sit here thinking of you, my good friend, on your wedding day.  You are marrying your best friend later this afternoon. How excited you must be . . . and nervous! I’m sure you’re walking around on eggshells, but what an unbelievably beautiful day!  How can I describe it?  There are white billowy clouds in the sky; I can see them floating by atop the trees. They are blown by what feels like a nice, strong March wind, but it’s June. I am sitting outside with my feet up, enjoying temperatures in the mid 70s.  Don’s white linen pants are hanging from the table umbrella to dry, blowing in the breeze in front of me.  The sun is just peeking through the lattice work on the pergola above my head, and the shadows are casting a wonderful geometric pattern over everything underneath.  I want to soak up every detail and lock it in my memory bank for a day when I need a little sunshine.

The forecast calls for rain, and so I looked up the meaning of rain on a wedding day.  There are many ‘good’ meanings. I’m sure there are just as many ‘bad’ meanings, but I don’t care to read those! Some of the good meanings cite rain as cleansing, the sign of a new start, the last tears the bride will shed in her life, and as a sign of fertility. (I don’t think you’re worried about that one, being in the over 50 club!)

wedding handsIt makes me think back to Don’s and my special day in September; I find that attending weddings has a way of making you reflect on your own.  My wedding day started out with rain, but I don’t remember being terribly upset by it.  I think I kept saying to myself that it would blow over, and it did—just in time for the guests to start arriving. What a beautiful day it turned out to be! The cleansing drizzle in the morning was a washing of the past, an opportunity to start anew.  I also read that rain on a wedding day represents unity, in which the union of the bride and groom is compared to the difficulty of untying a wet knot. So, dear friend, may your knot forever be wet!  Mine is!

I look forward to a long and happy life with Don, and I wish the same for you.  I am certain we will have our difficulties, like any normal people that share space, love, family, and life, but I know in my heart that, no matter the difficulties, I have him.  I hope he feels that he has me as well.  Knowing that we have each other as we journey through life is the most comforting thought there is.   May your knot forever be wet!

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