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Caren Libby

Caren Libby – One Legacy Contributor and Marketing Specialist – St. Louis, MO. Caren has written and shared many stories during her corporate and entrepreneurial career. She contributes content and photography to the website, newsletters and social media platforms.


One Legacy Chief Story Publisher – Edwardsville, IL. The concept and vision of One Legacy came from the accumulation of significant life changes that occurred during Mike’s career and personal life. He’s honored to be able to share some of his experiences with you, as well as listen to all the wonderful stories that you and many others share. Our collective stories are the heart and spirit of One Legacy.

Robert Stocker

Robert (Bob) L. Stocker has worked in the computer and software support, training, and development profession for the past 8 years. His experience includes using the latest online tools and technology to help customers deal with computer and software setup, trouble shooting, and training. He has worked on creating training programs for different computer software including MS Office products, Business Intelligence software, and is currently working with customer relation management (CRM) software and data visualization.In addition to working in the technology arena, Robert has also been very active with the Boy Scouts of America for the past 12 years. He has served in many adult leadership positions with the BSA. For the past 5 years, he has served as a District Commissioner with the Abraham Lincoln Council of the BSA and he has been on the adult staff with the council’s National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) program.Robert believes whole heartedly in servant leadership and is why he chose to be part of the One Legacy team. He brings with him a strong desire to help others where and when ever he can.