Preserving Family Stories with Legacy Sharing

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Seniors, families and caregivers increasingly recognize the value of reflection and reminiscing. Storytelling and writing about family history has the power to improve self-esteem, enhance feelings of control and provide an expanded vision of one’s life.

Mature family members often have a treasure trove of stories about their life and the lives of their ancestors. Their memories can help us fill the gaps in understanding where our family came from and who they were. These unique glimpses into the past help define and ground us by allowing us to glimpse our loved one’s triumphs and losses…their humanity. Our professional team will visit families looking to capture precious stories from loved ones, so they can be remembered and shared, via digital journals, books, or videos.

This particular family contacted us because their mother Marlene’s dementia had taken a sudden turn for the worse, and they were running out of time to capture her stories. We went to her home and gently interviewed Marlene as she showed us several of her photo albums. The result of the effort was a beautiful photo presentation, with Marlene sharing many of her personal stories. The family was thrilled with the results. The Legacy Sharing process brought the family together for a magical experience, and we were proud to collect Marlene’s wonderful stories and produce the DVD for them and many other families.

Our experienced One Legacy Story Collectors can help you gather these memories by having a series of gently guided conversations with your loved one. Our Story Collectors will gather pictures and documents and create either a video or hard-bound book for you and future generations. There are more details on our Family Legacy Sharing page.


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