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Submitted by Carolyn Hall

My sisters make me proud, sad, happy and mad.  They make me laugh, cry, confused and smile.  Through good and bad, ups and downs, I will never deny them, our journey together or the bond that  makes me claim them for life.

Some of my earliest memories are some of my most joyful in life.  Oh sure, some memories make me sad, you know the saying, we seem to hurt the ones we love the most, but for the most part, they bring a smile to my face, each memory.  I can remember playing dress up and performing stage performances for our parents, family members and friends; watching the beauty pageants together and getting in trouble for pointing out the contestants flaws; and rushing home from our place of worship to cook together, while we were performing on stage again.  I also remember the heated arguments where we weren’t mindful of each others feelings, taking back given gifts to each other, or the resistance when our parents sat us down to ‘talk it out’ and the long periods of time of not speaking.

I know one thing, there isn’t a group of ladies I love more than I love my biological sisters.  In reality, I feel that way about ALL my siblings.  I often think back on our journey together and wonder what we are all going to look and be like in the next 10 years.  How many grandchildren we will have or who will be the latest featured Chef cooking up something good (we all would consider ourselves the deserved feature).

I cherish each chapter of my life with my sister siblings.  A bonded sisterhood is unbreakable by any measure!

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