Summer Fun in the Back Yard

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Story written by Becky Wheeler

In the summertime, there were 3 or 4 of us girls and we each would get a card table and put it up in the backyard and get a bedspread and put over it and nail it into the grass and that was our tent, our home, and we would have our little dolls in there.  The baby’s room was here and the kitchen was there, and so on.  We were crawling on the grass and didn’t mind the bugs.  Once in a while my family would let us put a bedspread over our dining room table inside the house and several of us girls could get under that.

We used to put on plays.  We would write our own play and charge maybe 2 cents for the other neighborhood kids to come in.  Our costumes would be made out of crepe paper. Remember how you could stretch crepe paper? We got out the kitchen chairs to sit on and we would perform on one of the girl’s back porch.  We had a lot of fun doing that.



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