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Submitted by William Duzick

In the summer, with the thoughts and restlessness of a boy, I would travel the world, fly among the clouds, fight the Indians, and journey into space. There were no limits to the places where I could go and no need to be anywhere in particular unless my mom called for me. When she called, I would have to go home to have lunch or to run an errand to the store. But when those things were done, it was back to the great, big world outside.

 rocketGoing out the door, I began to plan my next adventure and to ponder which vehicle I would take: my ship, my blimp, my horse, or my wagon? Oh, I had more than a few vehicles to take me wherever I liked. In my sunlit field, I would carefully plan the next journey. How far I would go, for how long, and why… well that depended on the situation and who needed me the most.  After I made my decision, I would climb aboard, choose my lookout, and depart.

 Doing battle with pirates on the high seas was one of my favorite journeys. I fell in love with the sea when I was very young, and after my first encounter with it, I always wanted to return to it again. I have returned many times now, and the wonder never diminishes.  So many times in my life, it has called to me. Even now, it calls to me although for very different reasons. Now, I’m not called by potential adventures with pirates but by the wonderful people who live in faraway lands and speak with wonderful accents.

 When I was a child, there were battles to be fought and won. In my ship, I always won the battles, and I saved those who were in need of saving. Oh, I had some battle scars to be sure, but they were my badges of honor and my medals of courage. I often thought the best part of it all was the journey over dark blue waters accompanied by the great high clouds which told me that the wind would be favorable. The bow of my noble ship parted those waters so that I could glide unfettered to my destination. My ever-present friend was the Sun, the giver of warmth and warm breezes and the maker of high majestic clouds.

 Scan1.jpgme-and-bud-at-christmas1Oh, to have my ship again and to journey at will to those warm sunny places but this time in peace. My wagon and my ship live on; they are present in the summer trees full of life and promise. They are always ready for me if I wish to journey once again.

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