The Power of Story Sharing

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Story written by Mike Stith


A while back, I had the pleasure of presenting to the Marine Historical Society in Marine, IL. Hosted by society president Shirley Dietz, it was an engaging event with a great group of members dedicated to saving memories shared by families in the neighborhood, especially veterans.  The topic of course was “The Power of Story Sharing”. Many of you are aware the subject is near and dear to me based on many personal experiences with  my own parents. Through our Legacy Sharing program, I’m reminded (by the reaction of attendees) of the significance of being asked questions that remind us of our past and the special events we have experienced. Topics can range from “recipes handed down from family generations”, or “what was school like when you were child?” – and many more. Residents of senior communities probably appreciate it more than anyone. A meaningful activity that allows people to learn more about their friends and neighbor’s while having fun at the same time. I’m told residents look forward to our discussions week by week, even talking about it ahead of time and afterwards.

Oftentime we’re able to attract people who typically don’t attend activities. Giving this presentation allows me to share many of the special stories we’ve been grateful to hear, and explain how the creation of The Family Historian Journal came about. Our participants love having their stories shared with eachother and the community. Many thanks go to the Marine Historical Society for inviting me in to share our stories.  I invite anyone associated with a group of seniors, veterans, kids, or any other group to experience the emotional lift of Legacy Sharing. I would be equally honored to speak to your group. We look forward to producing the next issue of the Journal soon. Thank you for stopping by!


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