My name is Jason Ford. I’m from St. Louis MO, born in 2006. And here’s my story….
Hello, baby brother or sister. I’m very happy you are on the way. I screamed when I heard that you were created. I can’t wait to teach you how to throw a football, even if you are a girl. I really want a sister, but if you are a boy, I’ll still love you as much as I would love a sister. I will love you so much I might change your diaper from time to time, and I can’t wait to feed you and show you off. If you’re a girl, I will chase off them boys! But if you are boy, we’ll go get all the girls. Either way, we will have fun. When you are 5, I will be 17, so I’ll be driving then. We will go everywhere. I’ll take you to Dave and Busters, and the Flying Spider Sky Zone, and Chuck E. Cheese, the zoo, and the park. When you are on the swings, I’ll push you so high you will think you are in your own little space ship. I’ll buy you everything, I mean everything, you need to make you think you are rich, even though we are not. I will be your knight in shining armor and will feed you until you bust! What I am trying to say is you will never be hungry. I’ll remember that mom was my mom first, but I’ll share her with you. I’m not sure if mom will really know how to take care of a baby, so I will be raising you too. You will be my little man or little princess, and I want you to know that I will always love you!

Thank you Jason, and thanks Elizabeth Busekrus, founder of Student Writer’s Studio, for inviting One Legacy to sponsor a family history writing project at St. Louis College Prep. Student Writers Studio is a nonprofit in the St. Louis area that empowers, enriches, and encourages students to develop as writers through one-to-one tutoring, enrichment classes, and youth publishing programs. The mission of St. Louis College Prep is to prepare kids to enter college, succeed in college, and graduate from college by challenging students academically and emphasizing the importance of character and community responsibility. The kids had a great time writing stories about family, and Jason won a gift card to QuikTrip for having the winning story!

If your organization would like to learn more about this program, please contact One Legacy at 618-960-7252, or for more information about Student Writers Studio, contact Elizabeth at 618-604-8973.