What Advice Do I Have For Kids Today?

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Story written by Ann Horton Coleman

I live in the north Venice area near Madison Il. My parents lived in a house about four houses down. My daddy worked for Brewer Motor Company in Granite City, Il. He worked on cars there. My mother was home bound. She stayed at home because she had four children and I was the youngest of the four. The house is still standing, on Morgan Street. We had a store there. We all lived in the same house when we were young. My grandfather worked all the time and helped support my family. He would buy food to help feed us. He would always take me shopping and he did good things for people. We were very happy kids, so were my father and mother.

What advice do I have for kids today?

The first thing I would tell them is to work hard and take care of each other, and care for your neighbors too. Back in the depression there were some teachers in St. Louis who didn’t make enough money, they’d come to IL to find better jobs.  People who owned homes here would rent rooms to the teachers. They would leave and go back to St. Louis on Friday afternoon and come back Sunday night or early Monday morning. My grandmother worked for the state, and used to teach people how to sew. A lot of times they didn’t know how to thread the needles and I’d thread the needles for them.

Whatever money I took in, I saved as much as possible. When I finished school I worked at Dow Chemical. I bought stock there. I’ve still have my stock. My grandfather taught me how to save my money. So I recommend kids save money when you can.

I attend Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church. I was practically raised in it. When we were like six weeks old, our parents had us baptized. I love my friends in the neighborhood and the church! My advice would be to find a church you like and be active, work hard and enjoy life!




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