Who is the biggest hero in my family history?

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Story written by Rose Harrelson

My name is Rose Harrison, from East St. Louis IL. My biggest hero in the family was my Mom. I journal a lot and I’m constantly thanking God for the mother and the father I had . She was a giver. She took care of a lot of children and lot’s other people. She was the oldest in her family and took care of her two sisters. She passed a lot on to us and the older we get the more we realize that. I find myself journaling often about how grateful I am. I’m the oldest of seven kids. She taught us all great work ethic and weren’t allowed to be lazy under any circumstance. And you never ever said you were bored! If you did she found plenty to do. I went to visit my brother recently to take him food, because he had some health issues. He was out on his lawn mower, after having operations on both legs. He had his hat on and was as happy as could be. His kids have a fit about him doing that kind of stuff, but I realize that he doesn’t know how not to work, even though he’s retired. I’m the same way, had to learn not how to relax and enjoy life without working so much. That’s just how we were raised.

Rose shared her story at Southwestern Illinois College, Senior Programs, on June 13, 2018. Thank you Rose!


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