‘We are very happy that our residents participate in Legacy Sharing each week. They seem very happy with the program and have shared many great stories!’

Susan T., Administrator, Hitz Memorial Home

‘We were very happy with the participation and comments that our residents shared from the Legacy Sharing program. Several of our residents attended every week, and loved it!’

Ashley W., Autumn View Gardens

‘The “Story Starter” cards were wonderful tools for my grand daughters to connect with their 91-year-old great grandmother. We all sat at the dining room table and she shared stories of her younger years (some of which were new to me!) There was a lot of laughter that day and the girls learned some fun facts! Hopefully, these memories will be cherished by them through the years. I would highly recommend using the Story Starter cards for those with memory issues. It’s a great “jump start” to initiate conversations with the elderly.’

Debbie C., Daughter of Meridian Village Independent Living resident

‘The Legacy Sharing Program has been a magnet for getting residents out of their rooms and socializing more often with each other. Sharing their memories and telling their stories with a facilitated group of active listeners, clearly energizes the participants. As a result of the program, residents are frequently drawn out of their shells and motivated to visit with and learn more from each other.’

Teresa R., Activities and Volunteer Coordinator, Sunrise Senior Living

‘I like the interactive quality of the program. It seems important any time in life but especially at the end – as a way of pulling the threads together.’

Lorraine L.

‘I like sharing stories and learning how to be creative. Many people would like to write family history.’

Betty W.

‘It’s all about connecting heart to heart. It opens people up.’

Carol B.

‘It’s the way to open up – not just for the elderly, but for anyone.’

Dr. Ramana M.

‘Exchanging experiences as a result of sharing special memories is very rewarding. Storygtelling is a lost art that is worth reviving because it is a heartwarming and therapeutic connector.’

Caren L.

‘I like the laughter, human connection, getting comfortable sharing, and getting to hear other people’s stories.’

Sonja S.

‘There are already so much of my family stories that are gone and cannot be recreated.’

Robert S.

‘As close as my family is to each other, I think they would enjoy this idea because we can make families closer.’

Sarah P.

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