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Story written by Caren Libby

What is One Legacy?

One Legacy is an organization that provides Legacy Sharing, an enriching service that personally reaches out to families and documents priceless stories of their loved ones so that their memories are preserved for future generations.

How did it get started?

I came up with the idea a few years ago when my 77-year-old mother was dying from cancer. As we talked, I noticed her spirits improving. Each answer included a different story about her life, and I learned things about her that I never knew before. I was aware of her coming alive as she talked and responded to being asked about her life. It was then I learned the true value of telling our stories. I was inspired to capture and learn more about my own heritage. The intimate experience with my mom inspired me to develop a new program called Legacy Sharing.

How do people publish their own stories through One Legacy?

The “Publish Your Story” page on our website is the place where you can complete a simple form and share your story. Our editors will post it to the site. We can even include your personal photos. Do you have a business or special interest? We invite you to share a link along with your story.

Tell us about the Legacy Sharing Programs.

Legacy Sharing is an exciting, innovative activity program being offered in the St Louis-Illinois bi-state area by the team at One Legacy. The facilitated, structured reminiscence activities are specifically designed to identify, record and collect real life personal stories. We can also publish stories and photos in a Keepsake Book that is customized for a group. When people create their personal legacy by crafting their own stories, they also benefit from increased emotional satisfaction, improved quality of life and health and enhanced family communication. Legacy Sharing is an amazing program.

How can we learn more about One Legacy?

You’re welcome to check out more details on the One Legacy website and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to learn more about our offerings and read our stories. You can sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date with what is happening with our programs and special events. You can also contact us through the website.



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