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On this day, September 9, 2010, my mother passed away peacefully at SEM Haven Retirement Center in Cincinnati, OH. The story of her life and passing was a key inspiration in my life, and fueled my passion to create the One Legacy community. It all began with a few simple questions…

She and I sat together quietly for several days in the hospital prior to her admission to hospice. Not a lot needed to be said at that point, but I was compelled to learn more about her past. Questions like “What was your favorite song?” – “Judy Garland’s ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow,'” she said with very little hesitation. “What was your favorite pet?” – Little Bit (a little fluffy Shiatsu), again with little hesitation. More importantly, as I asked these questions, I made sure I followed up with “Why?”.  I noticed her spirits improving with each question. Each answer included a different story about her life, and I learned things about her that I never knew before. I noticed her stories coming alive in her own mind while she was telling them. But most importantly, I was noticing how she was responding to beingMary Stithasked about her life. It was then I learned the true value of telling our stories. So many of us, young and old, long to be asked about our thoughts and experiences – but especially older folks who often live in isolation. Take a minute to ask a simple question, and be marveled by the energy and spirit that is generated. I miss my mom very much. Her legacy will always stay with me. That simple experience in the hospital taught me to never pass up an opportunity to ask a question and listen to a personal story. Whether it is a relative, a friend, or even a person in passing, the power of sharing a story provides a healing experience for each of us. Thank you for sharing with us at One Legacy.

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