I’m Daniel. I was born in St Louis in 2006. When I was younger, I was incredibly dumb. My Dad reminded me about these lessons. He clearly remembers it because I was incredibly dumb to even try to attempt this. I had an Orange Wooden Duck that I could ride. It had storage space in it, and 4 wheels placed in the same spots as a car. And as for the basement (important for the story), the stairs down were steep. I found the Wooden Duck in the basement, and I took it up the stairs. I got ready and started riding down like the Wooden Duck was my sled, and the stairs were my snowy hill. I didn’t like the trip down apparently. Once I was finished, I walked back up the stairs, somehow carrying my rideable Wooden Duck. I got ready again to go down, backwards. I go down, and I fell. I somehow survived the fall.

Another story I was told by my father had my sister in it. Dad was talking with my Mom in the hallway. Out of nowhere, he sees my room door and my sister’s room door open at the EXACT same time. We both walk out of the rooms and me and her both walked toward each other. Then we just hugged and immediately walked back to our rooms and closed the doors. Mom and Dad both were surprised at what just happened.

The third story is one that my dad experienced recently. What happened was my uniform hoodie was lost at this time. My sister and I were at an after-school program. Dad was needing to pick us up. He was in his room and found my uniform hoodie. He looked around the house trying to tell me that he found my hoodie. It turns out that he forgot to pick me and my sister up from the after-school program! He rushed to put on his shoes and got his keys and wallet and left to get us.

The lessons from Story 1 and Story 3 are: a moment may not be a good moment. But it may make a good story to tell others. Story 2 is basically saying: The unexpected can happen at any time, even when not wanting it. Enjoy the moment while it lasts!

Thank you, Daniel, for sharing this story and being the runner-up for the writing contest. And thanks Elizabeth Busekrus, founder of Student Writer’s Studio, for inviting One Legacy to sponsor a family history writing project at St. Louis College Prep. Student Writers Studio is a nonprofit in the St. Louis area that empowers, enriches, and encourages students to develop as writers through one-to-one tutoring, enrichment classes, and youth publishing programs. The mission of St. Louis College Prep is to prepare kids to enter college, succeed in college, and graduate from college by challenging students academically and emphasizing the importance of character and community responsibility. The kids had a great time writing stories about family, and the favorite story won a gift card to QuikTrip! If your organization would like to learn more about this program, please contact One Legacy at 618-960-7252, or for more information about Student Writers Studio, contact Elizabeth at 618-604-8973.