What games did we play as kids?…by Diana Gunther-Legate

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My name is Diana Gunther-Legate, born in Granite City Il in 1962. My favorite childhood games were when we would go to my grandmothers house. My cousins used to play ball for the school team and every Sunday we would go to church and go back to the house to have Sunday supper. My cousin Jerry was pretty much a high school star ballplayer. He aspired to play for the St Louis Cardinals someday but, sadly, didn’t get the opportunity. Our family, and a lot of church people would play ball every week. Local church teams played against each other, along with other local teams. We all came from hard working families from the Granite City area and Sunday was our day of fun. The games became part of our lives. These days, going to the Cardinals games, and, also the local Gateway Grizzlies games, bring back memories of those special days when the different generations of our family came together. I would like for my own family to have a game night where everyone brings a covered dish and pick any kind of game to enjoy. It’s important to enjoy fellowship in the family, and not just get together at funerals and weddings!

Diana shared her story at Southwestern Illinois College, Senior Programs, in Belleville IL, on June 13, 2018. Thank you Diana!


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